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Moisturize your skin and hair by using the best shea nut in town!

If you want to deeply nourish your skin and hair, then go through our shea butter and oil, we are the leading Wholesale Shea nuts exporter with high-quality rich-natural oil that makes your skin and hair look flawless shiny, and smoothen and moisturize your skin.

Most people are unfamiliar with shea nut oil. So, read on and find out about the best wholesale Shea nuts exporter, who offers you the wealthiest crude at the lowest price. But what is shea oil? It is a natural fatty acid applicable for moisturizing and softening hair and skin, but how is our product different from others?

How our shea nuts are different?

Being a reputable wholesale shea nut exporters, we ensure high-quality nuts oil from extracted from the nuts of the shea tree.  They are cold-pressed and help to make shea oil and butter

Moreover, our Shea nut oil is naturally high in fatty acid and is pure lightweight oil. That is why it’s an ideal cosmetic element for an all-over moisturizer for the skin and softening dry hair. Our company provides the lighter texture of the oil version, which makes it worth a try.

Shea nut oil benefits

Baore Universal Trading makes sure that our shea nuts are appliable for a nail conditioning treatment, hair, skin, and carrier oil for essential oil blends, making it highly beneficial to use. Here are some benefits of using our nuts oil.

  • It has lightweight and easier to apply. Also, it absorbs into the skin faster than other products, which nourishes your skin quickly.
  • Highly moisturizing. Our shea nut oil has higher oleic acid content rich in moisturizing power than the heavier butter version.
  • It has higher usability as it stays in the liquid form up to 20° C.
  • The fragrance has a lighter aroma.
  • Shea nut oil comedogenic rating. It is highly beneficial for the skin and unlikely to clog pores.


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