Get The Best High-Quality Oilseeds From Baore Universal Trading

Baore Universal trading is the leading supplier of food and crops we ensure to provide the best quality in town! Our oilseed is one of the most delicate oil rich in protein and contains a high-fat level. As an Italian oilseeds exporter, we provide good protein sources, but we also ensure to deliver a concentrated source of energy.

As the Wholesale oilseeds exporter, we certify proteins in oilseeds fed either as a meal from which the oil is removed or as part of the oil-intact seed. Read on to find out how it is much better than other oils.

Why are oilseeds important to humans?

There are various types of oilseed crops nowadays. Some of the oilseed includes Soyabean, safflower,  oil palm, sesame, sunflower,  coconut,  rapeseed, olive seed, etc. As a leading Italian oilseeds exporter, our company ensures that these oilseed crops prevent malnutrition, have high potentials to improve human diets and food insecurity. Also, enhance employment opportunities through income generation in the society.

Oilseeds are high oil content seeds and are energy-dense foods. They are a source of different elements:

  • polyunsaturated (e.g., sunflower)
  • fatty acids, vitamins (vitamin E, niacin, and foliate)
  • fiber
  • monounsaturated (e.g., peanuts)
  • minerals (phosphorus, iron, and magnesium).

How is our oilseed beneficial?

Our firm of wholesale oilseeds exporter ensures the best quality at an affordable price. Here are some benefits of using our oilseed.

  • Oilseed rape is highly beneficial for crops as it comprises 42% oil, and the meal left after eliminating the fat is about 42% crude protein.
  • The proteins present in the oil is advantageous for our body as it functions as enzymes, antibodies, and hormones, the structural components of tissues and blood protein.
  • Oilseeds provide vegetable oils. Nowadays, it is preferred as animal fats and beneficial for people who are more and more health-conscious.
  • The oilseed rape has been bred to provide oil suitable for cooking and food processing and extensively used by the food industry and bio-diesel.


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